Great dives at North West Point, Turks & Caicos


Here are some images from two dives that I did today at North West Point. The first dive was at the The Amphitheater where I saw a couple of reef sharks and a hawksbill turtle. The wall at this dive site has some nice corals on the ledge.

Thunderdome, the second dive site, is famous for having a dome like metal structure that was left behind from a TV show called Pago Pago that was filmed here in the 90s. Inside the dome are many soft corals attached to the metal and it is home to a school of fish – mostly grunts and snappers.
Here are a few images from both dives…


turks_caicos_diving_184 turks_caicos_diving_185 turks_caicos_diving_186 turks_caicos_diving_187 turks_caicos_diving_190

turksandcaicosdiving_0900 turks_caicos_diving_192 turks_caicos_diving_193 turks_caicos_diving_194 turks_caicos_diving_195 turks_caicos_diving_196


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